Excellence comes with a Smile

New Patients

You are very welcome as a new patient.


The first visit is very important. Dr Charl du Toit uses this appointment to do a thorough examination. This examination forms the base for any further treatments. Expect your appointment to be 30-45 minutes.


After introductions you will be asked to sit in the dental chair for the examination. Your soft tissue, gums and teeth will be checked for any abnormalities. All existing restorations and conditions will be recorded on computer. We will also examine your jaw joints (TMJ) and chewing muscles. The health of the whole chewing mechanism is just as important as the individual components.


We usually take 2 x-rays to assist us in seeing underneath existing fillings and to access the health of the bone that holds the roots.


Six digital photographs will be taken of your teeth. These photographs will be shown to you on a computer monitor and good and bad points will be discussed. Seeing these photos will help you understand the treatment plan that is to follow. Treatments, if any, will be discussed at this point. Larger treatment plans will be placed in writing and sent to you. You are free to ask as many questions as you like.