Excellence comes with a Smile

I have a fear of the dentist

Overcoming Dental Fear, Anxiety or Phobia at the Oxford Dentist

If you are nervous, anxious, phobic or simply afraid of the dentist, well done for getting this far !

People who have been too nervous to visit the dentist, may not realise how dental technology and pain relief techniques have improved. We have spent over 30 years successfully providing dental care to nearly 8000 nervous patients from our friendly, relaxed practice in Newbury; care which can result in life-changing and renewed self-confidence.

Some of the techniques we use.

Syringes have been replaced with the Wand, a new pain-free anaesthetic system. We have special expertise in sedation. ‘Happy Air’ will calm and relax you and intravenous sedation is used for the most nervous of patients.

We sometimes work with a hypnotherapist on the premises.