Excellence comes with a Smile

Laser Dentistry


Laser are still relatively new in dentistry. We have recently acquired a soft tissue laser for the practice.
 The laser generates a beam of concentrated light. This light can cut gum thus removing the need of the traditional scalpel.

The light energy can also be used for a number of different treatments:

  • Laser tooth whitening

  • Ulcer(cold sores) treatment

  • Root Canal disinfection

  • Pigmentation removal

  • Gum infection treatment

  • TMJ therapy

  • Etc.

Benefits are quicker healing, less pain.

Most patients are very pleased with laser treatment, using words like: relaxing and enjoyable.



Digital X-rays


We use digital x-rays in the practice. Dental x-rays need very low radiation. Digital x-rays need only a third of the radiation that was needed for film x-rays.

The x-ray is instant and can be viewed on a large screen. Larger images means better detection of any problems.

3-D Scanning

In most cases Charl can use a scanner to do measuring of the teeth. This is very good for crowns, bridges and orthodontics. The scanner replaces the need for 'gooey' impressions.